Hello. My name is Benjamin and I am a student of Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs. Living in a place like Steamboat is a dream come true and I am so fortunate to be able to blog about my experiences up here. If you didn’t already know, this is my 3rd year at CMC and I am getting my Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies. I used to work as an RA in the residence halls so if you’re a perspective student, I have all the answers to all your questions. Lately, I have strayed away from the text blogging and geared towards video blogging. I am a much better filmmaker than I am a writer so please check out my videos section. A lot of cool things are happening while I am a student here and I have been capturing every awesome moment for you to experience.  So sit back, and enter the life of an ambitious college student living in the greatest place in the entire world. Don’t believe me? Subscribe and find out.


7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hello Ben! We are Blessed to live in Colorado. Come see us soon for a Great Family Style dinner.

  2. Sarah Redman said

    Hi Ben!
    So, I just got accepted to Colorado Mountain College and I was overly excited to get the letter. I’m even more excited now after reading your blog and watching all of the videos. I live in New Hampshire and can’t wait to get out in Colorado and experience Steamboat. My nickname on my ski team is actually steamboat, so this college is quite perfect. Thanks for putting so much into this blog, it’s great to learn more about the college and see all the different activities that go on. WOO.

  3. Summit Sojourner said

    Hi Ben, Would you like any of your blogs posted on our site? Check out http://www.summitsojourner.com I will be sure that it links to your site and anywhere else!


    Holly Resignolo

  4. joroca said

    Hey Ben,

    Fellow CMC student blogger-http://www.howtographicdesign.wordpress.com-
    and I just wanted to say hey. Great looking blog!!

  5. Aaron said

    Hello Ben,
    I commented yesterday on your star party video on youtube and would like to get in touch with you about attending some if you would be alright with that. I’m looking into attending cmc and I’m quite new to Colorado having just moved from Pennsylvania. Any info or tips would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks man!

  6. yo buddy! your videos are getting me all sorts of excited to live in steamboat!!! transferring there in october for the sustainability studies program. thinking ill get a job on the mountain but worried about the housing 😦 you have any pointers? need something affordable. the ponds seem a little far from downtown. i was thinking just craigslist some roommates? not really sure.. would love to hear some incites.

    cheers 🙂

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