Backyard Skintracks

December 23, 2012

This season I decided to not pay for a season pass. After doing it for a few years, I am quite burned out of dealing with the crowds and high cost to ski at Steamboat resorts. Instead, I decided to invest in splitboarding, a more rewarding style of snowboarding that gets you off the resorts and closer to nature. Hiking for fresh powder with nobody around is a satisfying way to spend time outdoors in Steamboat. A bud of mine has a home that backs up to Emerald Mountain. From their backyard we had access to some safe and awesome meadow  skiing. Although it is a mellow slope, you can’t beat skiing like when you have access to it from your own home.


We are Rig to Flip

December 3, 2012

For those that are curious about the Rig to Flip movement happening on campus right now, this video will put you in the shotgun seat of what a few CMC students have started.

This film was a collective effort composed and inspired by all and for all of those that have a stake in the future of the west. Consider this a salute to the beloved life giving watershed and the future the mighty waters hold for us.