Exactly one week ago, I was at my graduation ceremony receiving my college degree. Normally, graduating would be the last thing a student would do before summer vacation however I am still at CMC working away. You see, me and my RA crew had to stay in the residence halls for a few days after graduation to close down the building. Although they left 2 days ago, I am still here working on a special project. Sitting in an empty 250 bedroom mansion has given me a lot of time to think about my year. With all this reminiscing, I tried to think of my favorite memory of 2nd semester. It was difficult to choose but my 2nd semester Sky Club trip was my favorite memory of all.

For our 2nd semester Sky Club trip, we went to the McDonald Observatory in Fort David Texas. This was the 2nd trip we took and it was my favorite. We embarked out on April Fools Day (no joke) and headed south towards Texas. It was nice because we took two 11 man vans and only had 14 people on the trip so the drive was very comfortable. We stopped in several spots throughout the day and finally 15 hours later we arrived in the famous town of Fort Davis! We were all shocked to actually be in Texas because our amusement for the entire ski season in Steamboat was making fun of Texan tourists. Since we were now tourists in Texas, we began acting like tourists. Immediately  we busted out cameras and took pictures of anything and everything we could see.

The next day was our big day. We woke up early to enjoy breakfast in the 85 degree sunny weather. After that we as a group trekked on down to the infamous McDonald Observatory operated by the University of Texas. What a beautiful establishment the University had developed. The observatory has the The Hobby-Eberly 9.2 meter telescope, The Harlan J. Smith 2.7 meter telescope, the Otto Struve 2.1 meter telescope and the .8 meter telescope. INCREDIBLE!

We as Sky Club got to visit all these amazing telescopes and tour their facilities. On top of that, we got to use the .8 meter telescope for the entire night for our viewing pleasure! That evening of viewing under the .8 meter telescope was mind blowing. Although the .8 meter was way smaller than the telescope we got to see at the Mt. Wilson observatory, the .8 was far more advanced. The images we were seeing were spectacular. Seeing Saturn in full frame through an eyepiece was surreal. Our viewing of the .8 meter telescope ended right before sunrise and we went back to the hotel to rest. That following afternoon we rested and enjoyed the warm Texas weather.

The next day we packed up our things and headed over to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the largest cave in North America. Although it had nothing to do with the sky, we were still super interested in seeing in since we had a Biology and Geology professor on the trip with us. It was an incredible experience and I can’t describe how empowering it is to be in a cave of that magnitude. After the cave, we spent the night in New Mexico and went over to the UFO museum.

The UFO museum was pretty cool. Kind of low quality but it was interesting to see all the unexplainable UFO artifacts. After that, we as a group drove all the way back to Steamboat. The 14 hour drive was once again pleasant. I can talk about this for longer but I say just look at the pictures 🙂

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May 9, 2011

This past Saturday, Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus held it’s graduation ceremony for it’s graduates. I myself was one of the students graduating and I also did the farewell speech. After spending 2 years here at CMC, I graduated with high honors in my Associate of Arts program. Fear not however, I will be returning for more education here at CMC by perusing a 4 year Sustainability program. I will be back next year! Here are some pics of me from graduation!

Step Into My World

May 3, 2011


The following video contains extreme footage. If you are disturbed by seeing white stuff flying all over the place, please leave now. Otherwise… please sit back, turn up the speakers and enjoy an entire years worth of unforgettable Snowboarding at Steamboat Mountain brought to by you yours truly, Ben Saheb.


Casino Night

May 2, 2011

Student Activities Committee is responsible for all the fun that goes on at CMC Alpine. After one incredible year of awesome events, Student Activities Committee went out with a bang and put on the most EPIC night I have ever seen. We converted a local restaurant called the “Tap House” into a full blown casino. Every CMC student and faculty member was invited. Over 150 people showed up to the retaurant for a night of awesome casino fun. Thousands of dollars in prizes were give to the best fake chip gamblers out there and the competition was fierce. Prizes included GO PRO cameras, kayaks , ipods, blu-ray players, digital cameras, snowboards, tons of DVD’s, candy and silly knick knacks. I could tell you all about the awesome night of fun but I suggest you check out the pics instead!


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