River Orientation Video

April 22, 2011

Colorado Mountain College’s Outdoor Education program is phenomenal; probably one of the best Outdoor Education programs in the country. Although I am not in the Outdoor Education program, I am still allowed to take Outdoor Education courses to fulfill my health and wellness requirement. With that being said, I enrolled in the River Orientation course to enhance my awareness when I go out on the river and play.

River Orientation is a class that teaches students anything and everything about safely recreating out on the river. In class, we covered the dynamics of how a river flows from eddys, river gradients, rapids, laterals, pool drops, to different currents. We learned all about how to pack gear for an overnight trip, how to load a boat, all the boat terminology and most importantly the safety procedures on a river. After a few days in class covering these topics, it was enough and we hit the water in person to learn about first hand.

For the next 5 days, we as a class would spend all our time on the Colorado River learning about all we had learned in the classroom and here is a video!


Last week the wonderful shop of Urbane hosted it’s annual rail jam called Midtown Crisis. Cosponsored by CMC Student Activities Committee, this was one event not to miss in the Steamboat area. Held right on 7th street Downtown Steamboat Springs, this rail jam included shredders from 3rd graders to professional skiers and snowboarders across Colorado. Student Activities Committee sponsored 5 CMC students to shred for free and many more CMC students also entered this as well. Since I myself am a part of the Student Activities Committee, I was granted a media pass to film the entire event for CMC and this is the video I came up with for you.

You’re absolutely going to love this!

New Building Update

April 7, 2011

For the past year or so, CMC Alpine Campus has been working on a major expansion project that will revolutionize the future of the college. This project includes the installation of a brand new state of the art building that will replace the out of date buildings: Monson, Willet and Bogue. This project has been on the blueprints for quite some time but just last Thursday was when the full plans were presented to the public for people to drool over. I attended this public showing to give all of you an inside scoop on what to expect on Alpine Campus in the coming future and this is my story…

According to Sam Skramstad, the CMC corporate facilities director, Monson Hall will be the first of the three buildings to get demolished. She told me that that beginning April 18th, parking for upper and lower Monson will be unavailable. For all of my pollution pumping car lovers out there, parking is going to be a nightmare on campus. Beginning the 18th, don’t get upset when there is no parking. Consider yourself warned. Arrange plans to carpool, park in town, or simply walk. The weather is nice anyway. “We know this will be an inconvenience but this new building will be worth the wait” Said, Sara Lara the Owners Representative of Alpine Campus.

Once Monson comes down this summer, then it will be Bogue. They will leave Willet alive for the 2011/2012 school year because we still need a dining hall. During summer of 2012, Willet will be plotted and the new building will arise that following fall semester. Like I said earlier, this building will be state of the art. Equipped with geo exchange climate control, 56 holes will be drilled into the ground to provide free heating and cooling from the earth. On top of that this building will include advanced insulation and solar power allowing this building to live symbiotically in harmony with nature. The new building will also feature a spectacular dining hall, a mind-blowing student center, a fire pit, an auditorium and more glass windows than anyone can imagine.

“The purpose of this community showing was to bring the community in,” Said Peter Perhac the CEO of Alpine Campus, “this gives the community a chance to ask questions and get an advanced preview.” Big things are underway and I hope all reading this will be able to experience it.

Sky Club is a good example of a quality club at CMC Alpine. A club for anyone interested in Astronomy, Sky Club welcomes anyone to come and learn about the universe. We serve the community and college in many different ways. Back in the fall semester was the “Screamboat” Haunted House we put on back in October. If you are interested about what Screamboat is, please visit my Screamboat blog. In the spring, we do a service night by putting on a fantastic presentation for any community residents that have an interest in Astronomy. This semester Professor Jimmy Westlake put on the presentation called “The Dark Side of the Universe.” I could tell you about it, but I have it on video for you to enjoy 🙂

Professor Jimmy Westlake presents: “The Dark Side of the Universe”