This past weekend was a gorgeous and event filled three days for the Steamboat area. The sun was permanently present up in the sky all weekend allowing perfect blue bird conditions for the Smartwool Ski Cup. The Cup was held at Steamboat Mountain Resort and Howelson Hill Ski Area for ski racers from all across the state to compete in. Although this was an open class tournament, College Ski Race teams from all across Colorado were present for the competition. Out of the dozens of colleges that showed up to compete, CMC’s ski team was one of the many colleges in the race this weekend and CMC performed very well. Having the home field advantage, CMC’s very own Brendan Rozell took 3rd place in GS out of 14o racers! Not only that, but another CMC racer, Eric Hicks placed 7th in SL out of 140 racers! Congratulations guys!!!

Although CMC did exceptionally well in the race, this story is also about me working as a Gatekeeper. A Gatekeeper is one of the most important entities of a ski race. The Gatekeeper is there to have a keen eye on the race, making sure every racer passes through all mandatory gates.  Because CMC has all the hookups, any student who wanted a few extra bucks was given the opportunity to work as a Gatekeeper for USCSA. Any student from CMC was welcome to work because in the situation for gatekeeping, the more the merrier. More eyes = better judging results. I myself was one of many CMC students working the races as the very needed Gatekeeper and it was a blast.

I arrived at Steamboat Mtn Resorts at 7:30am to begin our briefing. They showed us how the rules work, how the charts needed to be filled out and which boxes to check. After receiving my judge vest, I grabbed my clipboard and hit the mountain to get ready for a long day of visual inspection. When I got to the race track, I was assigned to keep an eye on 4 of the middle gates on the course. I burrowed myself a nice comfy seat into the snow and sat there for the rest of the day watching skiiers fly past. Surprisingly, nobody missed their gates. There were a few that forgot to pass through a gate, but all of them hiked back up to get through the gate to avoid disqualification. It was a lot of fun participating in this job. I got to sit on the mountain, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the spectacular view and get paid in the process. Overall it was a great time and I enjoyed it very much. A huge thank you goes to Lynda Pruitt (Coordinator of Student Life) and USCSA for giving me the opportunity to be part of this.  Don’t forget to congratulate Brendan Rozell and Eric Hicks for their awesome placements in the Race!



Free Laundry Night Part 2

January 28, 2011

Last Semester, Student Government of CMC Alpine Campus hosted a night of free laundry for all students looking to freshen up their garments. With huge success, Student Government decided to repeat the night of awesomeness once again for the spring semester. With that being said, the event was held at the laundromat in town and just like last semester, a big crowd showed up for the event. Hundreds of dollars in quarters were given out and even more slices of pizza were eaten. Overall the event was awesome once again. Other than that, thats all I have to say about Laundry Night Part 2. See you next time!

On Thursday evening, Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus was fortunate to have a very special speaker come in and lecture the college and community about Facebook and dangers on the internet. CL Lindsay was his name and boy did he have some interesting things to tell us at his speech. From Facebook to MySpace, torrents to LimeWire, and sexting to exploitation, Lindsay had a lot to tell the Steamboat community about the internet and its apparent dangers.

Born and raised on the east coast, Lindsay began studying law during the late 90’s in Philadelphia.  He was as a 27 year old law student living with his father when he decided to join a non-profit organization called CO-STAR (coalition for student and academic rights).  After joining CO-STAR, Lindsay began helping college students get out of trouble they had gotten themselves into on the internet.

According to Lindsay, one of the biggest activities college students are involved in is illegally downloading music. Millions of people a day download music illegally and college students are a big piece of that pie. An organization called the RIAA has been attacking college students for illegal downloads ever since 2006. suing the brains out of college students left and right has been their job. Yes, the RIAA is protecting musicians and their copyrights. However at the same time, the RIAA has been collecting an unfaithful $750 – $150,000 for every song they prosecute someone for downloading.

One of Lindsay’s driving statements was “If you won’t do it offline, don’t do it online.” Lindsay says people change their ethics as soon as they get online. “You wouldn’t stroll into a Best Buy and steal movies and music, so why would you do it online?” This is where Facebook comes into play. Today over 500 million people have Facebook. This many people on Facebook poses a great place to exchange information with anybody. Exchanging information of someone or yourself doing something illegal is Lindsay’s biggest concern.

Drinking underage is his biggest concern. Everyday, thousands of underage kids post pictures of them drinking alcohol and performing illegal acts. I realized how many stupid people there are in this world! It all goes back to his argument of not doing it online if you won’t do it offline. However today, thousands of people get in major trouble from doing stupid stuff like this. All in all, Lindsay came into CMC and brightened the eyes of the community and the students with his words. I have never posted pictures of myself doing something illegal on the internet but it was funny how a few people were in a hurry to get home after his speech.

With all this being said, I hope everyone reading this will think twice about what they do on the internet because remember, someone is always watching 😉

Welcome Back

January 18, 2011

Welcome back my awesome readers and fans!  2010 is officially over and what a year it was! For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, 2010 was a big year for me in blogging. I have learned a lot about writing and taking better photos over the months and I have some awesome things planned for you guys this year. With 17 days into January, the college is back to its ordinary schedule and students have returned for business. With the fall semester officially complete, the spring semester formally began today with success. With 200+ inches of snow and 200+ students in the Residence Halls, CMC in Steamboat is ready to take on the spring semester with a bang.

Today was the very first day of classes. With 20 credits deep, I will have a full schedule ahead of me. Although my work will be rigorous, I have set aside some time for me to get out on that Steamboat mountain which is having one of the best seasons in over six years. So far, all is good up here. The snow has been consistently falling and school is up and running. For everyone out there surfing the cyberspace please stay tuned! There is a lot of awesomeness coming your way.

2010 in Review

January 2, 2011

Hello faithful readers of my awesome blog. 2010 was a big year for me in blogging… If you have been following me since the beginning or just started reading, I have some cool info for you. WordPress does a fantastic job tracking the statistics of this blog and I want to share this info with everyone that has read my blog. So without further adieu, here ya go!


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The busiest day of the year was December 3rd with 51 views. The most popular post that day was Snowiest November in Steamboat History!!!!!!.

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I hope everyone had a happy new year!