No Shave November Contest

November 30, 2010

For the past month, CMC chicks and CMC dudes have been working hard on the mountain grizzly scruff. Not everyone participated in the activity however the ones that did put down the razor for a month and said hello to all natural! On November 1st, all participants were given a razor to shave themselves with. Once one shaved, they were then granted access to enter themselves in the month long hair growing contest. The dudes shaved their faces, and the chicks shaved their legs. For one month they let the scruffy scruff grow and tonight was the night judging took place.

Out of the dozens of people that participated, only about a dozen came in for judging. The prizes were best overall beard, 2nd best overall beard, best baby face and a best female category. People passing by put in their votes and the winners were chosen! First place Patrick took home a 100 dollar electric shaver. 2nd place Isaiah took home a schink shaving kit and baby face Maui took home a facial cream kit. “It was long and scruffy contest, but it was worth it.”


Mario Kart Tournament

November 19, 2010

An extremely popular event held at the Alpine Campus residence halls a few weeks ago was the Mario Kart 64 Tournament. Mario Kart 64 is a game that’s well over 10 years old however it is a staple of our childhood and everyone who is a college student now days loves the game. With that being said, I as an RA hosted this Mario Kart Tournament in hopes of bringing back some awesome childhood memories to the CMC students.  Although this event was quite a while back, the success of the tournament was so spectacular that I had to post this to the blog and share with you guys.

For the entire week prior to the tournament, the signup sheet for the tournament was off the page gigantically large. The Mario Kart Tournament was the talk of the talk that week and people got excited for it as soon as the promo signs hit the bulletin boards. While doing safety rounds in the building, I could hear the classic Mario Kart music reverberating from at least one room on every floor. It was apparent that people were practicing and getting prepared for the epic night of competition. When Sunday rolled around, all 32 of the participants were eagerly waiting for their turn to battle it out.

There were serious gamers, casual gamers and gamers that haven’t even played Mario Kart in years. Nonetheless, the bracket was randomized and people battled it out four at a time. The top two would advance to the next round while the bottom two were eliminated. After 30 minutes had gone by, we were already in the sweet sixteen and the competition was getting fierce. The people that got eliminated didn’t leave either. They stayed through the whole thing to see who won. It was pretty intense I must say.

When only 4 competitors were left, it got brutal. Friendships were temporarily were put on hold and the seriousness set in. By the end of the final race on Rainbow Road, 3 would walk away with prizes and 1 would be left in the dust with nothing but sore thumbs. The racetrack was long but it was closer than any other Mario Kart race I’ve ever seen. At the final stretch, some red shells were ejected and lightning hit the pavement with full force which switched up the placement for everyone. At the end of the race, the 3 winners crossed while the 4th place contender was long gone in the dust. In the end, the Mario Kart Tournament was a gigantic success at Hill Hall and there are going to be many more tournaments soon to come.

Chili + Snow = Awesomeness

November 15, 2010

Over the weekend, Steamboat Springs was in the process of getting slammed with snow flakes falling by the quadrillions. I woke up this Monday morning and I was greeted with 2.5 feet of snow outside my window. With utmost joy and sincerity, I was uber excited and thrilled by this wonderful gift Mother Nature had given to Steamboat Springs. Nothing could be better than this much snow on the ground and even more still falling from the sky. At the same time however, I was extremely bummed out by the fact that I had to shovel 2.5 feet of snow off my car. Luckily for me, I have proper training in the art on vehicle snow removal because I was a student here last year; I am well aware of the technique for quick and proper vehicle snow removal. With that being said, it only took me roughly 12 minutes to complete this arduous task. I was brutally frozen by the procedure and I quickly headed to the library to get some studying in. When I arrived at Willet Hall, I noticed something amazing going on in the Shafferick Lounge.

A Chili Cook-Off was the amazingness I saw. Not only was it a Chili Cook-Off, but it was a FREE Chili Cook-Off. I thought to myself and realized that there could be no better day to eat some chili. With a ton of snow outside, a frozen body and an empty stomach, I excitedly grabbed a bowl and began the eating process. According to Brandon Fox (Coordinator of Student Activities), “The Chili Cook-Off is here today to get the best chili makers in all of Steamboat Springs together and have the people of CMC decide who can make the best Chili.” What a beautiful idea I thought to myself as I scooped some chili into my bowl to sample.

There were so many different kinds of Chili it was almost impossible to choose the best one. I tried spicy chili, mild chili, green chili, southwest chili, taco chili, southern chili and chili that didn’t even look like chili. They all were incredibly tasty and their warm soothing texture was perfect on a snowy day like today. After sampling every concoction of chili several times, I chose my favorite and put forth my vote.  In the end, I came to two conclusions. First is residents of Steamboat Springs make some of the best chili in the world. Second is Chili + Snow = Awesomeness.

Every year, Colorado Mountain College selects a book called the”CMC Common Reader” and gives one to every student at the beginning of the semester. A book that I have participated in reading for two years now. This book is no ordinary book however. It is not chosen at random and it is not funded by rich publishers trying to get exposure to their mundane books. The CMC Common Reader is a book chosen for students to read because of its inspiring and inspirational qualities. This year’s CMC Common Reader was selected on behalf the books ability to teach every CMC student a valuable moral lesson that we students can use for the rest our lives.

For this year’s Common Reader, CMC selected a book called “Double Take,” a memoir written by Kevin Michael Connolly; A man born without legs. Bilateral Anemia is the more scientific definition for being born without legs and he is a rare one. To put it simple, Kevin didn’t grow femurs out of his hip sockets while he was a developing baby in the womb. Besides being born with no legs, he was born a perfectly healthy baby. His book is what made me appreciate him the most. His story is about his solo trip circumnavigating of the globe on a skateboard…. Yep, a skateboard. Need I repeat that again? Circumnavigation of the globe, on a skateboard. Just that idea itself was enough for me to pick up the book and read it. Kevin preformed this circumnavigation for a photography project he was producing called Double Take.

I could sit here all day and tell you about his book but you should just go read it yourself. It was tremendously inspiring what a human being accomplish. With all that out of the way, I was fortunate enough to meet this awesome dude right in Steamboat Springs. Since his book was selected as CMC’s Common Reader, he toured to all the CMC campuses to do a book signing and presentation for all his readers. I attended the signing at the town Library and the house was packed. People were lining up out the door to see this guy and have a chat with him. His reader following was incredible and I myself was one of them. After an hour waiting in line, I finally got a chance to chat with him and talk to him about longboarding. It was awesome getting to connect with someone who enjoys skateboarding through completely different dynamics of operating the skateboard. So different we were however through skateboarding we both were on the same page. Not only was he a skateboarder, but he was a blogger as well! We had so much in common. Just an incredible feeling. It was a day to remember that’s for sure.

If you want to learn more, please visit his website and blog. Just an amazing guy. Kevin Michael Connolly.

Screamboat 12

November 7, 2010

So for the past two weekends, Colorado Mountain College’s Sky Club at the Alpine Campus in Steamboat Springs hosted a Haunted House called Screamboat. Part Steamboat part screams, this haunted house was hands down one of the scariest haunted houses in all of Colorado. Sky Club made quite an investment to get the necessary items to pull it off and we were able to get the show up to standards. Jimmy Westlake an Astronomy teacher at CMC is the Sky Club manager and he has been doing Screamboat for the past 12 years with a big Screamboat fanbase following this series. “Putting this event together took a tremendous amount of effort and over 1000 hours of labor to get it up and running,” Said Westlake, “However Screamboat 12’ was the most successful and scariest of all Screamboat events in the past.”

I myself am a member of Sky Club and this event was a genuine experience being part of. The whole idea of this event serves two major purposes for Sky Club and Routt County. For one, Screamboat provides people of Steamboat a safe and appropriate activity to partake in during the Halloween season. Two, the funds generated by Screamboat help pay for Sky Club’s annual trip to Pasadena California where we get to look through the world’s largest rent-able telescope on Mt. Wilson for a night. A big win win scenario for anyone involved with Screamboat.

Most of the set up and operation of Screamboat was put on by Sky Club itself however it couldn’t be done just ourselves. Professors Jimmy Westlake, Bill Peck, and Steve Craig all put down incentives to their students in order to get people to help. With the help of Sky Club and other science students, CMC was able to transform Monson Hall into a haunted freak show.

When I say freak show, I mean a freak show. People who were brave enough to pay money and get scared always left with a sense of satisfaction that they got their money’s worth. Going through the entire Haunted House takes an average of 30 minutes and a whole lot of bravery. People were introduced to locked up demons, a torture room, vampires, spider caves, an enchanted tunnel, a crashed UFO, the grim reaper, an evil jack in the box and the scariest of all, Bob and Dave. In conclusion, this was scary and one of the most legitimate Haunted Houses in all of Colorado.

“Screamboat is a tradition for my family,” Said a Mother of three boys, “We have been going to Screamboat since these guys were just babies and its been different, fun and scary every time around.” If people are openly willing to pay money and get scared, I had no problem filling that request for them. Acting in the Haunted House was a blast, probably just as much of a blast as it would be if I went through it. All in all a ton of screams reverberated throughout the halls of Monson Hall and a big chunk of change was earned for Sky Club. If you haven’t checked out Screamboat in Steamboat, it would be worth your while to come by next year. You won’t regret it.

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