Candy Eating Contest Video

October 31, 2010

In order to get ready for Halloween, Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus Residence Halls hosted a Candy Eating Contest for anyone brave enough to participate. It was simple, eat candy, win some prizes. I attended this contest with my video camera and put together a little video for everyone to see how it went down. Turns out Tommy Untiedt the Senior RA at Hill hall won the contest. This was Tommy’s 3rd consecutive win at all the food eating contests at Hill Hall and he has been holding this title for almost 1.5 years now. Below is the edited video I put together of the 2010 Halloween Candy Eating Contest. Check it out!


Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 30, 2010

Every Year Colorado Mountain College Alpine Campus hosts a Pumpkin Carving Contest at Hill Hall for students willing to express themselves right on a gigantic vegetable.  For the past two weeks, a sign up sheet was posted on the front desk so teams of 4 could claim destruction over 1 of 6 pumpkins we would be purchasing the following Sunday. On Sunday evening, we ventured out to Safeway to pick up some gigantic ripe pumpkins. We picked out 6 appealing pumpkins and trekked back to the residence halls to store them for the event. When Monday evening rolled around, 6 teams of 3 people were eagerly waiting to carve some pumpkins. We set down the rules, handed them tools of destruction and let them go at it.

It got messy real quick. The tables in the MPR were covered with pumpkin goo and it smelled like raw pumpkin throughout the entire first floor of Hill Hall. After about 20 minutes in, everyone had the innards of their pumpkins extracted and their pumpkins were scraped clean. Let the actual carving begin… Some people outlined their designs with washable marker and some were just winging it. Either way, there was total pumpkin annihilation going on at Hill Hall. Punpkins were turned into artistic masterpieces and it was a ton of fun. Below is a slideshow of the madness that went down.

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Wear it Pink Day

October 27, 2010

Breast cancer isn’t a joke. It has affected millions of women all across the world and I am sure everyone reading this knows someone affected by it. Its a vicious disease and everyone here at Colorado Mountain College did their part by showing the community that we support breast cancer research. On Thursday October 21, Wear it Pink Day was the main attraction on campus. It was our way to pay tribute to breast cancer patients and show them just how much we care. Just about everyone on campus was walking around with some sort of pink attire on. From pink headbands to pink socks, pink hoodies to pink pants, even pink hair to pink jewelry… Colorado Mountain College wore pink with style. Breast Cancer is something we are passionate about finding a cure to and Thursday was the day we showed the college and community that we care. Wherever you live, please spread the word about breast cancer and maybe one day we can find that cure!

Check out a few pictures from wear it pink day!

RAppin’ Conference

October 24, 2010

Every October, Resident Assistants from all across the country flock to one central location for the biggest RA conference in the country. This conference I speak of is called RAppin’ and it’s for RA’s from far and wide to come together and learn about leadership and how to do the RA job a lot better. This year RAppin’ was hosted by the University of Wyoming in Laramie. RA’s from Arizona, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Washington, Montana, Colorado and many more showed up to this event to learn and share each other’s RA experiences from all over. CMC was one of the dozens of Universities that came to RAppin’ and I was fortunately one of the chosen RA’s to attend. Since we were representing CMC, we were putting our best foot forward showing everyone that CMC is more than just a 2 year mountain college and we mean business when we attend RAppin’ every year.

We left Steamboat Springs Friday morning at noon and made our way north towards Wyoming. The drive was very pleasant since Laramie is only about 2.5 hours away and the weather was very beautiful. When we arrived in Laramie at 3:00pm, we proceeded through the RAppin’ check in and we CMC RA’s made name tags. After getting situated in our hotel, we had a couple hours to kill so we went to check out the University of Wyoming campus and see what it was all about. Right off the bat, I realized how gigantic UW is! With their own football stadium, dozens of residence halls, hundreds of buildings and thousands of students, it made CMC seem like an ant compared to this school. We were walking around for more than an hour and we didn’t see the same thing twice. It was quite intimidating let me tell you but it was a lot of fun seeing a university 100 times larger than CMC. After our fun little tour, we made way back to the hotel to get ready for the first dinner and keynote speech.

The first night dinner was hosted in their school dining hall and once again, the dining hall there made CMC’s dining hall look puny. No worries however because I like CMC’s dining hall a lot better than theirs. The food was pretty good though I can give them that. The keynote speaker gave us a presentation on a test every RA took regarding our behaviors and how we as RA’s fit into the big scheme of all things with students and the residence halls we manage. It was all quality information because it profiled us on how we operate in a work environment.  The test was more about embracing our good qualities instead of improving our bad qualities. I learned a lot about myself in that hour speech than I could probably learn about myself in an entire month so I valued the presentation a lot. After the speech, it was off to bed to get up bright and early for the next day.

The following morning included a continental breakfast and another quick introductory speech on the day’s planned activites. We were scheduled to attend different programs and presentations that were about RA lifestyle and leadership in the work environment. Everything from how to manage school and work, how to break the ice with newcomers, whats the best way to handle big complicated issues with students, to even fun stuff like how to prepare 3 course dinners in a dorm room. The ability to attend these programs with RA’s from all across the country really put perspective in my job as an RA and I was able to explore my abilities as well as find out a bit more about myself. In the end, the programs we all attended was a very positive learning experience and I had several pages of notes to bring home to share with the rest of the RA’s that couldn’t make it.

Don’t forget that CMC did a program too. Shawndra Winter and Lynda Pruitt (Coordinators of Student Life) had prepared a presentation on technology called “Talk Tech.” Our presentation was all about how a little two year college like CMC handles technology like professionals. We showed them how we manage our schedule using blackboard and a few google apps that help our administrators stay on top of it. During the whole thing, every school was sharing how they handle technology and a ton of valuable information was exchanged between everyone. A lot was learned let me say…. and at the end, Shawndra asked me to come up and show my blog to the audience. I showed them how I as a student blogger use technology and I showed them my “CRIBS” video and few blog posts I have created. Everyone was impressed how well rounded of a school we were and our program got some of the highest ratings in the entire RAppin’ event.

After all the programs, we once again went back to the hotel to get ready for the formal goodbye dinner. Everyone dressed up very nicely and I myself decided to even prepare a comb over haircut. Armed with dress pants and ties, we CMC RA’s were looking flashy for the dinner. The Hilton prepared a quality dinner for us while we watched the final speaker give their presentation. After the presentation, UW threw us a big party in their student activities center for everyone. There was a dance with a DJ, laser tag, game room and a huge product swap session. It was a great way to blow off some steam making the party the final event of the entire conference. We danced, we played laser tag and had a blast that night. In the end it was only a 2 day event but I had learned a ton from the entire RAppin’ experience. It was extremely valuable and I as an RA felt privileged to be able to attend such an event. A huge thanks goes to CMC for funding this trip for us and I hope to be able to do something similar to it in the near future!

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October 15, 2010

On 10/10/10, in every corner of the globe, people collectively powered together to seek solutions to the current climate crisis. From energy efficient homes to community gardens, solar panels to wind turbines, compostable waste to geothermal energy, 10 /10/10 marked the day when people all across the world began seeking for better ways to keep our future sustainable for generations to come. Colorado Mountain College’s Alpine Campus hosted it’s very own 10/10/10 event along with the thousands of other ones that were hosted across the planet this past Sunday. A mountain town like Steamboat naturally has a huge interest in sustainability from the start; and with a College like CMC present in the Steamboat community, there was no better place in the town to hold this wonderful Sustainability Fair.

Beginning Sunday Morning the 10th of October, some clouds rolled in through Steamboat. A bit of rain may have started off the day but it didn’t stop CMC from being a part in this remarkable worldwide event. There were lessons on green technology, people selling all organic foods, and live music right was all going on right in front of Bristol Hall (CMC Alpine’s main building). Hundreds of students showed up throughout 12 – 4 pm and they came to show their respects for mother Earth. 10/10/10 was a one of a kind event to come to Steamboat and no better place than Colorado Mountain College to host it. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect our planet, please visit for more information.