All I Needed Was Some Fresh Air

September 12, 2010

So the past 3 days has been a ruthless battle between me and my immune system. It’s been almost an entire year since I have felt this way and I really wish I wasn’t so oblivious to the fact that living in this environment is different than the one I’m used to at home. Without doubt, any college residence hall is a breeding ground for getting sick if you’re not prepared. Me being ignorant, I took that threat very casually and I paid the price. Now please don’t look at CMC’s residence halls in a bad way by any means. Out of the five colleges I’ve visited in the past, the residence halls here are the cleanest and most well run college housing facilities I have ever seen. This place isn’t trashy at all. It’s Simply the fact that living with 300 people under one gigantic roof lets germs spread like wildfire to those who (like me) are weakest. I fell victim. I even had to drop my fly fishing class this weekend because of it. Bummer.

The fever set in Wednesday evening and it made class very harsh on Thursday. Tylenol only temporarily relieved my symptoms until Friday and I still wasn’t feeling any better. Today I was sick (literally) and was tired of being cooped up in my room for three days. With that being said, I decided to get off campus for a few hours no matter what it took. So I stepped outside, took a giant whiff of that wonderful distinct Steamboat tall grass and my day was already onto a great start. “Hello beautiful sun,” I said to myself, “It would be foolish of me to waste this precious day inside my room. I am no longer sick.” For the most part, thinking positively worked pretty well.

I long boarded into town and was greeted by a rubber duckie race down the yampa river. Across the street, there was the Main Street Farmers Market. YES! I went in and grabbed some peaches grown right here in Colorado. Yum.  I ran over to my favorite sushi stand and picked up a couple servings of my favorite sea weed salad. Delish. Then I skated over to the botanical gardens by the river and began the healing process my very own way. Aaahhh…. The peaches were so juicy and the salad was just dripping with goodness. I basically had a full recovery in about 4 hours. Shocking? Believe it.

As I sit here in my room, I still feel sore and run down by whatever sickness hit me but I feel substantially better. My venture into town kick started my recovery tenfold. To any of you out there reading this, please take the extra precautions to not get yourself infected by a virus or bacteria. Please. It’s not fun. The dorm plague is a lot more vicious than the regular cold/flu you’re probably used to so do all you can to not let it happen. Learn from me and protect yourself. You’ll thank me later.


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