The Newly Roommate Game

September 1, 2010

Right now, thousands upon thousands of college students are spending time with their roommates as we speak. Whether they are hanging out together in their dorm room, at a party together, or in the library studying, it’s common for a college student to spend a good amount of time with their roommate.  Having a roommate in college can sometimes be an awkward and unwanted forced relationship for some people. For those that get along with their roommate, having a roommate is the best part about college; a hallmark of the genuine college experience. With that being said, good roommate pairs are rewarded here at CMC. Every semester, the residence halls at the Alpine Campus put together a little program called “The Newly Roommate Game.”  Similar to the “Newlywed Game,” this game is done in a game show format and promotes a positive community for all. The whole point of this game is to encourage students to get to know their roommates better, and reward those who know their roommate best!

At promptly 9:00 p.m. this evening, about 20 students poured into the activity room downstairs in the main lobby. 20 students, 10 pairs of roommates. Everybody claimed that they knew a lot about their roommates and they were soon to find out exactly how much they knew. The rules went like this… Every room is on their own team. This means every roommate pair was on the same team.  One roommate would go outside the activity room, while the other would stay inside. Those that remained inside were given a set of questions about their roommate who was outside. Since the opportunity to cheat was eliminated, some hilarious came out of some people. The first round questions were:

  1. What kind of movies does your roommate like to watch?
  2. How many siblings does your roommate have?
  3. What is your roommates current Facebook status say?
  4. What is your roommates dream date?

Right off the bat, it was clear to me that the females knew a whole lot more about their roommates than the males. It was almost as if the males didn’t have a darn clue what kind of person their roommate was! Nonetheless, there was at least one male group holding a bit of success. One of the students was so confused by one of the questions, he simply put a question mark. In the end his roommate was also puzzled by the question he answered with “I have no damn idea.” We gave them credit for that one. How couldn’t we? The next set of questions were a bit harder.

  1. How many piercings/tattoos does your roommate have?
  2. What kind of underwear does your roommate wear
  3. What kind of deodorant does your roommate use?
  4. Whats your roommates favorite cereal?

This section narrowed it down substantially. The males were doing very poorly except for one group which answered 7/8 questions right. Along with the girls, 3 pairs also answered 7/8 questions right. This resulted in a tie breaker between the 4 groups. The final question was, What is your roommates biggest pet peeve. With outstanding accuracy, a girl group nailed it, of coarse they did. Everyone that watched the game said they had tons of fun. They even said they wished they had competed as well. With everything over, 1st place and 2nd place prizes were given out which included every necessity a college student might need. Toilet paper, laundry detergent, Gatorade, snacks, school supplies, febreeze, lamps and even 2 awesome foot rests. The aftermath of this game resulted in a lot of crumbled up paper. We here at CMC are recyclers though. Promoting sustainability and a clean environment is our goal. Every last piece of paper used to make this game was recycled. All in all it was a fun night at Hill Hall and there will definitely be more to come.


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