Free Laundry Night

September 30, 2010

Probably the most inconvenient and undermined activity a college student needs to do on a weekly basis is his/her laundry. Not because we love wearing dirty clothes or anything, but simply because we… because college students try to… laundry to a college student is like a….. – Well crap. I really can’t think of any specific reason why college students are so poor at finding the motivation to do their laundry. All I know is that’s just the way it is.

Doing our laundry is the last thing we CMC kids ever want to do. We don’t like doing it simply because for one, its time consuming; and two, it costs money we don’t have! With that being said, CMC is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to tending to the students’ needs.  Tonight, student government arranged a deal with the town Laundromat to let CMC kids do their laundry at the Laundromat for free. The Laundromat didn’t supply the free services. Student Government actually used part of their yearly budget to pay for every CMC student’s laundry this evening. As long as your CMC id card was present, you could do as many loads of laundry as you wanted; all being paid for by Student Governments’ budget! How awesome right?!?!

Since the event started at 9:00 pm, my buddies and I loaded the trunk of my Subaru Outback to the rim with dirty stinky clothes. I was in a hurry to get to the Laundromat right at 9:00 because there was a great deal of kids talking about this event tonight.  So we fired up my car and off we went. Ironically, the weight of all the clothes actually prolonged our trip to the Laundromat quite substantially. Slowly but surely however, we made it to our destination. Right at 9:00, the doors opened and we rushed in to claim our washers and driers. That place became packed quickly and soon enough, the late arrivals had to wait their turn for the next round of washers to be available.

Once our laundry loads bean, we noticed that Student Government was kind enough to bring everyone free pizza and board games to play while our clothes were tumbling away. They even brought a big boom box and played music. This dreaded laundry activity quickly turned into an extremely fun night with all the pizza music and games. Who would have thought playing Twister while your clothes were being cleaned could be so fun. Free Laundry + Free Pizza + Board Games = one kick ass night! Thanks Student Government!!



September 29, 2010

CRIBS. Everyone has at least seen the TV show on MTV once in their lives. The famous people’s majestic mansions, their colorful cars, superb swimming pools and all that fancy randomness that makes CRIBS fun to watch. In the end, CRIBS is a cool show. We here at CMC enjoy watching CRIBS. Every year, RHA (residence hall association) brings some MTV CRIBS spirit into the residence halls with the coolest room contest. Who says a dorm room can’t be decked out like the super stars? With that being said, last week was the coolest room contest and I was present with my camcorder filming all the action. I put together a cool little video edit and made it MTV CRIBS style. So sit back, and enjoy the show. I spent a lot of time on this so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Kickball Tournament

The other day I was on my way to take a test and I bumped into my good ole teacher buddy, Professor Bruce Beckum. He was finishing up an informal school meeting in the 2nd floor Bristol Lounge so I poked my head in to see what was up. As soon as I caught his attention, he and a friend of mine were asking me if I knew anything about kickball….. Hah. Kickball. I haven’t played kickball since I was in elementary school. Why on earth were they asking me if I know anything about kickball I thought to myself. Little did I know, I was going to be in for the long haul after this conversation. “Will you please play for our kickball team,” Said Bruce enthusiastically, “We are one man short and we want you to play kickball with us!” I had no idea what they were talking about. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention at all on campus this week because the town kickball tournament was the big talk at school. “Will you pleeaase play kickball for our team Ben?” Said Bruce, “We have a jersey and everything for you, all we need is your signature.” I hesitated, but knew I had nothing to lose… “Let’s play some kickball,” I excitedly said.

After doing some research, I found out that New Belgium Brewing was the sponsor of the entire tournament. Apparently they do this in Steamboat Springs every year and New Belgium Is kind enough to fund the tournament every year. Since this is adult beer league Kickball, the people involved are mostly 21 years old and up. Our team, CMC Disaster was one exception. Since beer was the drink of choice for hydration, CMC was one of few teams that would not be intoxicated while competing. It was perfect though, we had the sober advantage.

Qualifying game was at 8:00 pm on the Howelsen Hill baseball fields. It was nothing too serious I thought, just a little Kickball. At 7:30 pm we met at the red field to be greeted by the team called Grass Kickers. They were really nice and laid back adults, owners of the RMR dispensary in town. Like I said earlier, we had the sober advantage. As far as the game went however, we started off a bit sloppy but we pulled it together in the 3rd inning with some good runs. To make a long story short, we won the qualifying game 5 – 3! Saturday would be when the real games began for CMC Disaster. I got way too excited. I had to keep reminding myself that this was only beer league kickball… Nothing too serious.

Today, Saturday, we met at the Howelsen Hill Baseball Fields for our 2nd game in the tournament. The team we played was called the Step Daddy’s. Even at 11:00 am, we once again had the sober advantage. The game started off really strong working in our favor. By the 2nd inning, we were up 8 runs and once again, I was getting way into it. Screaming, yelling, having a blast. In the 3rd inning was when it all fell apart. We let the Step Daddy’s take 10 runs in 1 inning! I couldn’t believe it! We were making mistake after mistake after mistake. It was really crappy. I was screaming, yelling, not having a blast. I had to keep reminding myself that this was only beer league kickball… Nothing too serious.

In the end, we lost our 2nd game. We were extremely bummed out that we lost to a bunch of intoxicated drunks but, they deserved it. We made more mistakes than they did and they took the win fair and square. By this point we were bumped down to the loser’s bracket for our final shot at winning this crazy tournament. Since it was 2 game elimination, we couldn’t lose at all if we wanted to win it all. The next team we were going to play was called Blood Sweat and Beers. These guys were from New Belgium Brewing themselves and they were the alcohol distributors for this entire tournament. We clearly had the sober advantage in this game. To make a real short story even shorter, we won the game with pristine excellence. All the mistakes were made by their team and we ran off with the victory. Booyah.

Our 4th game was played against a team called the Purple People Eaters. They were one of the sober teams along us so it was a pretty good match up. The game was very slow, lots of bad kicks on both teams and really good fielding on both as well. By the last inning, they were ahead 2 and we had no chance to come back with their great infield. Unfortunately, we lost and it was all over for CMC Disaster. I was pretty upset for the fact that I hate losing. It wasn’t that bad though. I really had a great time for not spending a single dollar to play this tournament. Plus, I got a free shirt out of it! Besides that, nobody got hurt, nobody cried and everyone enjoyed the games we played. The competitive side of me really came out over this Kickball Tournament because the entire time, I was screaming, yelling, and getting way into the game. I still had my adrenaline pumping well after our last game was over. Although the tournament is still probably going on right now, I don’t really care who won the tournament. This blog is about CMC Disaster and our awesome kickball experience, nobody else. I am getting all riled up just talking about this. I have to keep telling myself that “This was only beer league kickball. Nothing too serious.”

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Yampa River Clean Up

September 23, 2010

One of the several clubs I decided to join this year is Paddling Club. Not because I have experience in paddling or anything, but because I actually have no experience in paddling at all. I can unfaithfully say that I have gone on one rafting trip in my entire lifetime and that was when I was little. I hardly even remember it. So to redeem myself, I have spent the past few months seeking out a way to learn how to do the ever so popular paddling activity in Colorado. Since CMC presents the wonderful opportunity to paddle at almost no charge through paddling club, I couldn’t turn down the offer when I learned about it at the club fair.

At our first meeting, we went over the basics. The dates we will be paddling, where we will be paddling and the training days for paddling. The club host, John Saunders is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this kind of stuff. Him being the coordinator of the Outdoor Education Program, I felt like I would be in good hands considering I have never been in a kayak. After we got to know each other, Saunders brought up an event going to be happening in Steamboat.  I have always heard of this event, but never participated in it. This event was called the Yampa Valley River Clean-Up Project. Every few months or so, volunteers in the Steamboat community will team up and do Mother Nature a favor by cleaning trash out of the sacred river. For those of you that don’t know, the Yampa is one of the last un-dammed rivers in all Colorado. To a lot of people, the Yampa River holds a special place in their hearts.

On Friday September 19th, the paddling club of Colorado Mountain College met at the business of Backdoor Sports on 9th and Yampa. The big guy in charge was Peter Van De Carr, the owner of Backdoor Sports. Being a kayaker himself, he has a special connection to this river and he does all he can to keep it clean. “I have been organizing this river clean-up for over 15 years,” Said Peter, “This place is very special to me.” With that in mind, I have never done anything in the Yampa River besides jump in it every now and then. So I didn’t have much background as to where peter was coming from. Little did I know, the next few hours would make me understand why he said, “this river is very special to me.”

Load up that trash!

After our little pre clean-up meeting, Peter sent us off with proper equipment and designated locations to scout for garbage. Armed with plastic trash bags and river booties, we spent the morning scouting for anything unnatural that was stuck in or around the river. I found stuff from soda cans, beer bottles, rubber duckies, tennis balls, sandals and even McDonalds wrappers. It was disgusting to find this stuff trapped in the river yet it was so rewarding removing the trash from its presence. Team 2 even found an old 1800’s wagon axle that was buried in mud and algae. Talk about an incredible find! I spent my time in the brush hanging over the water. You wouldn’t believe what I found next to a tree.


I found the trashiest jackpot of the entire hunt. Next to a tree, was an entire picnic worth of trash just sitting there, rotting into the trees roots. There was plastic cups, foam plates, ketchup packets, 2 liter soda bottles, and hundreds of forks scattered across the trees root bed. I was once again disgusted. Removing these things from the tree was the best part of my day because I now know that tree can continue growing without interruption. It was an incredible feeling.

After the clean-up, we met back at Backdoor Sports for a celebration. Peter supplied all the participants with free pizza and snacks to show his appreciation of our work. He truly is an awesome guy and I appreciate him letting us use his equipment to clean up this river. I never knew how awesome of an event this was until I actually participated in it. A huge shout out goes to Peter from Backdoor Sports (organizing the event), Kent from Steamboat Powdercats (Supplying photographs), and John Saunders from CMC paddling club. Without these guys, this event wouldn’t have been the huge success that it was. From now on, I proudly have a “respect the yampa” sticker on my bumper to my Suby Hopefully people read this and understand that this ole river aint just a river, its a whole lot more than that.

If you would like to learn more, please visit:

Backdoor Sports on 9th and Yampa in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

Their phone number is: 970 879-6249

Sex Signals

September 16, 2010

For the past week, I have been seeing signs around campus that were directly promoting an upcoming event at school. SEX SIGNALS here SEX SIGNALS over there. If you have been on campus at all this past week, you didn’t miss these posters. They were everywhere. So what’s all the hype about it anyway? I had the same question, so a few of the other Resident Assistants and I made way over to late night dinner tonight for the intent of some laughs and a good time. Little did we know, the presentation we were about to watch would not only be downright hilarious, but it was going to teach everyone something never knew before…  We were in for a surprise.

The show started off great with a lot of humor and audience interaction. The presenters Courtney Abbott and DeRante Parker were downright hilarious. They had incredible talent and knew exactly how to tease a crowd. They were talking about all the funny situations college students get into when it comes to talking about sex, having sex, and wanting sex. Wanting sex in particular. With the thought of sex on his mind, DeRante played the role of the typical college guy. “I play football, I drink beer, I talk in a deep voice, and most importantly, I eat MEAT! And tonight, I am going to get laid!” The two presenters carried out their skit into the typical college “hook up scenario.” The man (played by DuRante) ended up going to a girl’s (played by Courtney) dorm room to “study.” One thing led to another and whadaya know it, the two have sex. With all their clothes still on, their actions were pretty detailed. Everything that we didn’t need to know was exposed to us for some reason. Little did we know however, the situation we normally would have called sex, was not sex. According to judicial, that scenario was far from sex. In court, that scenario would be classified as rape and that’s exactly why Courtney and DuRante were here tonight, to talk to CMC students about rape. “They tricked us!” I thought to myself.

The more they got into it, the more I realized how misinformed we college students are about this subject. Apparently this type of thing happens all the time and we are so oblivious to the fact that this goes on everywhere even at a place like CMC. The presenters words were put and the entire CMC audience took it seriously although 99% of rape presentations are taken as an entire joke. This wasn’t a joke though. It was serious. And we handled it seriously at the same time. That is what made sex signals tonight so awesome and fun to watch. Because finally, once in my entire lifetime was a subject like this informative yet effective in delivering the point. I remember my last rape presentation. It was boring and awkward. This was far from it. With the presentation of a standup comedy show and the effectiveness of a lecture, Sex Signals hit home at CMC and the students responded very well to it.

If you would like to learn more, I highly recommend visiting this website:

the link above has all the information about this wonderful program and the roots where it came from. It has valuable links if you have been a victim of rape or know somebody who has. I myself am not the type of person that would recommend something like this. Since I am recommending it, it’s definitely something to check out.