February 25, 2010

Like iv been saying in many previous posts, CMC does a great job keeping the students occupied with fun activities. This week CMC made arrangements with Howelsen Hill for a tubing night. A great thanks must go out to Student Government for putting the event on because stuff like this is definitely not cheap. So we were all fortunate that we got to go for free because normally Tubing is like $20 for an hour! Check out the snowfall pic to the right! It was snowing sooo had!

Tubing started at 9pm this evening and many kids were there waiting for the doors to open. After filling out our waivers me and some friends hit to the tubing hill when we were greeted with a extremely thick dense snowfall. It was incredible. It was snowing so hard! Gotta love the late spring snowfall. Anyway we got a few good runs in the tubing hill before it got busy at the top. Once it became busy though was when the fun started because music was blasting and everyone was having a great time. I was really glad I went because that was one of the most fun events Student Government has put on in a while! So if there are any Student Government kiddos reading this, do more things like tubing night! It was a load of fun. Anyway, check out some more pictures of the snowyness and fun we all were having!

This pic was taken from far back. The legendary ski jumping is on the left

This is a shot of the steep going down the tubing run. It was so much fun!

Anyway, the night came to an end and everyone had a good time. I can’t say it enough but another thanks goes out to Student Government for a great event. We all had tons of fun! Until nexttime, C ya!


For the past 4 weeks, Steamboat Springs has been hotter than I have ever seen it. Almost the entire month of January and February has been sunny, warm and muddy. I guess global warming is not a hoax! Seriously though, we are like 100 inches behind schedule and in need of some snow!! That being said, I grew excessively bored of boarding over rocks so I decided to take a trip to Denver to visit some old friends and the fam. Goin back to Denver was a great time but that is not what this post is about. This post is about Buffalo Bill’s grave and how cool I didn’t think it was.

Last Monday I left the Denver house a bit early to make it back for my math exam. Clocking good time going up I-70, I noticed I had hours before my math test and I wanted to do something Iv never done before. As I continued down the road I noticed the sign for Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Lookout Mountain. I must say I have seen that exit sign hundreds of times but never even took the effort to check it out. I have always been to busy to get to Summit County or Steamboat to even care but that day I had nothing to do for a while… so what the hell I said, I took the right at the sign and head up the road!

About 7 miles up the road I eventually hit the destination. The sign “Buffalo Bills Grave” was a dead give away. Anyway the first place I checked out was the free museum they had at the top of the hill. At the moment before walking into the museum, I had no info on Buffalo Bull whatsoever. All I knew was he loved buffaloes. WOW was I wrong! According to the museum, he had nothing to do with buffaloes. that is a total misconception. He was a jack of many trades and one in particular he was a bison hunter. Bison are similar to buffaloes and thats where his nick name was screwed up. Besides that, he didn’t even really like bison. He was estimated to kill over 4,000 bison in his lifetime! Not only that he was a performer, a rebel, a prospector and a tradesman. Lived a very successful life and upon his death, he wished to be buried on Lookout Mountain. Little did I know that lookout mountain overlooks everything! Literally everything! The pictures of lookout mountain inside the museum were insane! I had to check it out for myself.

When I left the museum, I bolted up the hill to the view spot of lookout mountain. WOW is all I could say. I literally could see everything! Except in real life! haha. I was able to see the tiny city of Denver, all the way past my house to Castle Rock, to all the way north just before Fort Collins! Such an incredible view it was. No wonder Bison Bill loved this place so much. I would want to be buried there too! I was so pissed that I didn’t have a quarter to put in the binocular machines because everything was so far away I had a hard time seeing thing clearly.

After I checked out the view I took off down the path to check out where this dude was buried. I must say, the way they set this up was depressing. It looked like a tourist attraction to me. Gates around the grave, pictures, plaques, the whole nine yards. I felt kind of bad taking pictures of his grave because that would be the last thing id want people doing to my grave if I was him. But I had to so I could share them with the rest of the world 🙂 Anyway here is a pic of his grave. And my awesome Suby.

So what was the lesson learned today? Well considering I got to see an incredible view, learn about Buffalo Bill and see his awesome grave, id consider it a day well spent. If you ever have the chance to check the place out, I recommend going at night time. The view would be killer! Perhaps I will go at night another time and show you?

C ya!

When I say things just get weirder and weirder, I mean it when I say it. It seems that every show CMC puts on for entertainment up here, things just get weirder and weirder. Do you remember my previous post on the hypnotist that came to Late Nite Dinner for entertainment? That was a great act the guy put on. Still weird in context that we all got hypnotized into doing stupid things. Well people, what you are about to read and see will creep you out. It may not. It should though because the things I witnessed on Wednesday February 3rd is beyond explanation. Check this out.

Last Wednesday CMC put on another night of entertainment for the students. At precisely 9:00 p.m. the doors for late nite opened and we were greeted with a rather unique looking man named Christopher Carter. Mr. Carter is someone that calls themselves a mentalist/hypnotist/body language reader/nut case. After we got our dinner, the lights dimmed and all attention was on Carter. The first thing he told the audience was things are going to be weird. Only after it gets weird, it will get even weirder. We had no idea what was in store for us.

According to Christopher, he has spent his entire life dedicated to psychology and how the mind works. He claims that just by looking at a person’s body language, he can extract any bit of information from that person that he wants. His first example was when he told someone in the crowd to pick a card and remember it. At this point I was thinking “oh great… another magician….. woohoo.” As the audience member drew a card I got to snag a glance to see that it was an 8 of clubs. Christopher looked at the kid who drew the card and instantly knew it was a black card. How he knew this was beyond me. He then asked questions like is it a heart? Diamond? Club? Spade? Simply by the kids reactions to his questions, he was able to detect that the card was a an 8 of clubs. WIERD!!! He did this several times only with different things and he didn’t even stutter, or fail once. I was impressed. Yet I assumed there was some kind of trick to all this. So I wasn’t totally banboozeled.

This is when his act took a turn. I couldn’t believe what he was doing, but he said he could do all these things while blindfolded. I was skeptical. He took 2 silver dollars and duct taped them to his eyes. Followed with more duct tape. He then managed to wrap a light proof cloth over his face and duct taped it some more. Why he did all this? I have no idea however there was no way he was going to see any light on that sort of makeover. He then made everyone write down their name, a question and a piece of information nobody on this earth knows on the card. He then collected all the cards.
With all eyes blindfolded, he drew out a card and knew exactly the name of the person who wrote on the card! He called out “Who has the initials SW?” That would be Shandra Winters, the Resident Hall Director of the dorms. She called out “thats me!” He asked her several non important questions and gave out her husbands name, some activities they have done in the past and some other personal information about her life that nobody even knew about. I would have thought he was joking except for the fact that Shandra was blushing in total awe. Everything he had said was correct right on the dot! At this point I started to get weirded out. After 2, 3, 4, 5… and up to 10 people’s cards, he nailed every single one of them. Not a single thing wrong about everyone’s secerets and questions. I was in awe too. Also a little bit nervous for him to call out my name. Luckily he didn’t…

His next act not only was weird, but it scared the royal hell out of me. I thought I was in some horror movie. What he did was call out a volunteer. That volunteer happened to be Caity H, the same girl that kicks my ass in bowling every week. Anyway, he made Caity stand behind him and set a watch to whatever time she wanted. At the same time, a person in the crowd was holding 2 mini chalk boards sandwiched together with nothing written on them. He then told Caity to think she is writing on the chalkboards. He told her use her mind to write the time she set on the watch because her mind was going to write the time… After Christopher Carter made Caity show the audience the chalkboards, we all were presented with a chalkboard that had the time 5:15 on it. We were impressed that somehow, chalk made it to the chalkboard. After Caity flipped it around she almost freaked! The chalkboard said 5:15 and so did the watch that she set. WEIRDDD!!!! I had no idea what to think at this point… I was mind boggled.

Ok so I know you are probably getting tired of all these stories but this next one is downright crazy. To make this long story short, Chris Carter took 2 girls with 2 fluorescent light bulbs and turned the light bulbs on. I have nothing more to say other than that. Just watch this video.

So all in all… Christopher Carter… Google him.
that is all I have to say