Bowling Night

January 27, 2010

So like I said in my earlier post, CMC does a good job for students and activities. Other than the mountain, there is not much to do in Steamboat. Therefore, people like lovely Tamara take care of making sure we have a good time down here. For a while now, CMC has been giving free bowling to any CMC student that wishes to get their game on. Located just 1 mile down Lincoln, is a place called Snow Bowls… The greatest and only bowling alley in All of Routt County! The people who work over there are nice enough to let us have the place on Tuesday nights for CMC kids to have fun.

As far as that goes, I have not much more to say. Other than the fact that I got beat by my friend Caity in Bowling. Her beating me means nothing but her having bragging rights until the next bowling night. Its a lot harder on me than you may think 😛

Here is a pic of me trying to bowl… However it ended in an epic gutterball. I swear I got a gutterball on that photo too.

And this pic is of Caity kicking my ass in bowling. Its ok though. She will be beat.

Other than that, thats all I have for ya…



Ok, I may be the king of procrastination or just a slow worker. The truth is a combination of both of these things however fear not. My compilation from the Dew Tour is finally here for you to enjoy.

Its basically clips from the Superpipe…
Hope you enjoy!

Trampoline Night

January 19, 2010

As you may already know, dorm life up at CMC is nothing to be bragging about. Once the sun goes down, the entire town of Steamboat goes to sleep and there is not a whole lot of things to do. Fortunately, the school knows that. Good thing they make efforts to expand student activities outside skiing and snowboarding because without the mountain, entertainment would be minimal. That is not the story here however. The resident hall association (RHA) fills the week with tons of fun things to do so students have a good college experience. Last night is a good example for that. For any CMC student that was interested, they were admitted free entry to one of the local gymnastic facilities for an evening of hippity hoppity fun (no pun intended lol).

Located about 5 min away from the school is a place called Excel Gymnastics of Steamboat Springs. Usually a place where gymnasts train for the Olympics, was the place for CMC students to have fun for the night free of charge. The facility was loaded with foam pits, trampolines, ring fixtures, climbing ropes, and anything and everything associated with gymnastic fun. About 40 kids showed up to use the facility and it was a ton of fun. Other than that, there is not much to say about the evening so how about some pictures to look at?

This is a picture of me in mid action about to hit the foam pit after an extremely sloppy front flip.

This is me in the foam pit. Yes you cannot see me I know that. I was super deep!

This is me trying to climb the easy rope

This is me about to get some mad air off the tramp

Once again thats all I have.

See ya next time!

2010 CMC Rail Jam

January 18, 2010

One week down. Many many more to go. This Friday, CMC celebrated the official first Friday of 2nd semester. What more could someone ask for? Blue skies, wonderful temperature and a whole lot of snow. All these great conditions yielded one outcome… Rail Jam at noon.

In order to get the rail yard ready for the rail jam, students had to arrive early and get it set up. There were disputes over what people wanted to set up but in the end, everyone worked together to make an awesome park for the rail jam. At 12 oclock sharp the preliminary rounds started and everyone was just having fun trying out the set up and getting used to everything. After everyone was warmed up the competition began. They don’t call it Colorado Mountain College for nothing. Students at this school are extremely talented which made it difficult for the judges. All in all however, the overall mission for everyone was to have fun so it made a great atmosphere to hang out and enjoy the day.

Here is a picture of some kids getting the park ready for the comp.

Here is a picture of the set up. And yes, that is doing a back flip over the gnar gap.

This is one of the riders getting ready to drop in

Chris raising the bar over the Titanic.

Jeff hanging out by the snow covered mini ramp

Students watching the event.

Overall the 2010 rail jam was a huge success. I was bummed out I had to miss part of it because I was on the big mountain having a good time. Luckily I was able to make it to see the 2nd half of the event. In the end, Taylor took 1st place. Chris took 2nd and Davey took 3rd. They all won gift certificates to powder pursuits… Lucky them.

Until Next Time,

C ya!

Aah this may be the first time in the history of my life that I have said I am glad to be back in school. For an entire month, I was in my Denver home just sitting and waiting to be able to come back to Steamboat and snowboard. I spent my days hanging out, visiting family and friends, and enjoying sleeping in. Other than those things, that was all I did and it got boring really quickly. That being said, I am ever so grateful to be back where I belong!

I arrived in Steamboat Sunday afternoon. Everything was the same. Same old school, same old people, same old cafeteria food except one small difference… There was snow and lotts of it! Apparently we got like 30 inches over Christmas and I wasn’t here to enjoy it but its all good because I know there will be plenty more. As far as scheduling for class goes, I am golden. Mondays and Wednesdays I don’t have class so I can ride. Tuesdays and Thursdays however are a little crowded for I have class almost all day. Its ok though, I have already gotten a taste of my schedule and I think I will do just as good as I did last semester if not better.

Today is Saturday and I have spent almost a week back in the boat. 2nd semester cannot even compare to 1st semester. Every day has been filled with all kinds of things like snowboarding, winter concerts, lovely out of state tourists and getting to sleep in on Mondays and Wednesdays. Here is a pic of me at the base of the gondola yesterday afternoon enjoying the incredible sun we have been getting lately.

This is a picture of me that a sharpshooter took while I was snowboarding down the boat. Check out that deep carve 😉