So last night was another one for the record books. It was a great night for sure… with a twist :P. On October 29th (last night) the Resident Hall Association hosted a safe house trick or treat party for all the little people in Steamboat. Everyone who didn’t want to trek around Steamboat in the cold, could come to Hill Hall and trick or treat in the dorms. We decorated the 3rd floor all creepy and spooky with blacked out lights and all sorts of scary stuff. Down in the MPR we had a bunch of games set up for the little young’ns to play.
Roughly at 6 PM the children showed up with their costumes and parents ready for a candy hunting adventure. Give it not even 10 minutes, and Hill Hall took a drastic change for the worse. Right when I got my first customer at my door, the last thing you could expect to happen… happened. With ear blasting volume, the fire alarm went in full effect making everyone charge out of the building for the second time this week. Yes. I said it. That was the 2nd time the fire alarm went off this week. The law enforcement agency up here must hate CMC kids that much more now :/. Turns out the fire was caused by one of our smoke machines. Major bummer.
Anyway after 10 minutes of freezing balls outside, we were allowed to go back inside and continue our mission. Every Kid went way out in their costumes and it was great fun seeing all the tykes in their sweet outfits.

Haunted Hallway

Tiff is a TACO!

Red Riding Hood and her Hubby

Me and my Candy Bucket

So disregarding the 2nd fire alarm of the week, it was a really fun night. Nobody died which was a good thing and everyone had a great time. I got to hand out candy and eat a whole lot more. I also got to keep a bunch too 🙂
aha anyway that was the adventure of the night. See you on Halloween!!
check out the pics of the snow!


Tonight for the weekly Sunday activity hosted by the Resident Hall Association, (RHA) was the yearly pumpkin carving contest. Everyone gathered in the MPR around 8:30 for the event. 4 teams of 4 were selected to carve the best pumpkin they possibly could and the winner got a prize! Everyone had s strategic plan for their pumpkin while my team sort of attacked the pumpkin with butter knives, toothpicks and carving tools. It was great fun and everyone had a good time. After the 30 minutes was up we all had to stop and let the judges decide who’s pumpkin would be the winner. Turns out, our pumpkin took 1st place!! We were surprised. Anyway that was the action going down at Hill Hall tonight…. Nothing really more exciting until Halloween on Saturday!!!

Greatful Dead Bear

The Harry Potter Pumpkin

After the whole pumpkin carving extravangaza everyone was offered some pumpkin pie. Cliche huh? It was very good though.


October 24, 2009

Yup you heard it. I woke up today to look out my window and I saw snow on the ground!! I was so excited to see snow since this was the first snowfall of the year! There is a catch though… I am not in Steamboat Springs 😦 I am actually in Denver visiting the family for the weekend so unfortunately the snow did not fall in Steamboat. Major bummer I know. After I start to think about it, this really makes me angry. For the past two months, it has not snowed here in Ski Town USA. I mean I didn’t name blog “Life in Ski Town USA” for nothing. Steamboat should have snow by now! Its already a week away from Halloween and this is Denver’s second snowfall of the year. Now there has been a lot of snow higher up on the mountain and up at Buff Pass but zero snow stickage in town. I guess we will just have to be patient….
Anyway check out the pics of snow from my house back in denver!


October 20, 2009

So today is Monday….
Gotta love Mondays!
If you didn’t pick up on that, we call that *sarcasm* Anyway… today was a long grueling day. From waking up early to get breakfast, from conducting a 15 minute presentation in front of my philosophy class, to missing dinner because I had a paper to type… it was a very long day indeed. It was one of those days that didn’t seem right. Today was for sure an off day for me. It felt so good to finally get in my dorm room and relax because nothing today seemed to cheer my spirits up. I mean there I was sitting with an empty stomach, a headache and a pile of homework to do. I was not in a good mood. It wasn’t until about half an hour ago everything took a sudden change for the better. I realized someone had mailed me a package!

After spending a great deal of effort getting the box open I was delighted to see that inside the box was a gigantic bag of puppy chow. Oh yeah, I said it. PUPPY CHOW! Now for all of you people out there that don’t know what puppy chow is you are missing out on life. Its chex mix smothered with peanut butter chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. To put it in simple terms its delicious. My spirits were flipped upside down and I was so happy to get this baggy in the mail. I must throw a shout out to my good ole neighbor from Denver for doing that for me because it really made my day. Thanks Betsy!!

Anyway here I am now munchin away at this bag of puppy chow and man it tastes soo good. I can already feel a stomach ache coming down hahaha. Lesson learned today? Puppy Chow + poor hungry college student = 😀

Skate Comp

October 5, 2009

This past weekend on October 2nd, 2009 the Alpine Campus had its second skate comp of the year. Located down at the mini ramp near Monson Hall, about 20 skaters showed up at 12 o’clock for the event. It was a beautiful day, nobody could have asked for better weather. Clear blue skies, brisk October breeze with a wonderful view of the snow capped steamboat mountain. It was a perfect day to skate and everyone was throwing down some gnarly stuff. Winners were given prizes donated from “The Click” a local skate shop located in town. I am a skater myself however I decided to film the competition instead. The picture to the right is a picture of me out in the grass getting some scenic shots. Please take some time to watch the cool little edit I compiled together also! Overall it was a great time. Everyone skated well, everyone had fun and best of all, nobody got hurt.

Until next time,

I’m out…
Peace out 😛

watch my vid below