Free Flu Shots Today!

September 23, 2009

So today we got our flu shots in the Monson Lounge one floor above the main luncheon. After going through the huge swine flu craze, I was eager to be the first person to get in line to get the flu shot. For the past three weeks here at CMC, it has been a big struggle for me trying to stay healthy and free from sickness. At one point in time, both my roommates were sick with the flu and I was blowing through Lysol and hand sanitizer like there was no tomorrow. So you can easily see how I wanted to be the first person in line.

After showing up about 20 minutes before they told us to come in, I was at least number 15 on the list so I still had to wait. I guess there were a few people more eager to get their shot than I was! Anyway, after sitting around for a good while a buddy of mine (who wishes not to be named) was pale white in fear. It was blatantly obvious that he didn’t want to get pricked in the shoulder with a needle regardless the health benefits it would give him. I assured him that it was just five seconds of being uncomfortable and then it’s done. He was a little unforgiving and almost walked out on the whole procedure. I specifically asked him, “look man, do you want the swine flu or not?” Once those words came off my mouth he agreed and manned up. “Okay Ben, I will do it” he said with confidence.

Once we all walked out of the room where we got our painless shots, my buddy was only complaining about how painful and uncomfortable the whole experience was. I just ignored him haha. On our way out the girl who signed us up for the shot commented, “Hey guys make sure to come back in a month when we get the Swine Flu vaccines!” My friend had the worst look on his face. I guess the shots we got today didn’t cover the swine flu. OOPS! Its okay though, I’m just happy I won’t get the flu this winter. My friend on the other hand, was not a happy camper.


So yesterday was the end of a great weekend. The reason why it was such a great weekend could have been many things ranging from the great weather to getting to sleep in. The thing that made it even better however was the rally race that took place. On September 18 through 20th, the town of Steamboat Springs welcomed Rally Colorado back for another section of their national race tour. It was an awesome sight being able to see tons of Subaru’s driving around town. Don’t forget to mention meeting Travis Pastrana and Ken Block in person! Anyway this is how the story unfolds.

On Friday around 5:00 p.m. a few friends (who drove up from Denver) and I went to city hall to check out the preliminary race show. Every racer had their car parked in orderly fashion for display to the public. I got to meet a ton of young ambitious racers and I saw the inside and outside of their precious vehicle. Let me just tell you that these cars are awesome! Many of these racers have been in the business since they were much younger, so it was easy to see how much rally racing was a part of their lifestyle. The best part of the day was getting to talk to Travis Pastrana and Ken Block who are two world class athletes/racers. They were both great characters and it only made me more excited to see them race on Saturday.

Starting Saturday morning, we woke up early and drove out to Hayden where one of the checkpoints was at. When we arrived, we eagerly awaited Travis Pastrana’s arrival to watch him tear up the track. Followed shortly by, was Ken Block and all the other riders. They all did a great job driving and it was so much fun watching these cars perform so well in the all terrain track. Once all the cars passed through, they were required to make a lunch stop back at the raceway once they completed their 60 mile stage. So about an hour later, we got to see all the cars once again except this time they were dirty and beaten up. I ran up to Travis Pastrana for the second time and he recognized my face. The story gets a lot better after he saw and recognized me but I think a video would tell the story better since I also got it on film.

Anyway that’s my story of the week. Its getting Late and I keep having to remind myself I have class early in the morning. So until next time, I will see ya later!




September 20, 2009

Well hello there!

If you don’t already know me, my name is Ben Saheb and welcome to my blog! I am 18 years young and I currently reside in wonderful Steamboat Springs Colorado. Just this past August, I began attending the Alpine Campus at Colorado Mountain College hoping to get some fresh air away from my suburbia town in south east Denver. After being in Steamboat for just over a month now, I am glad I decided to come up here to enjoy everything Steamboat has to offer. Some of my hobbies are mountain biking, camping, skateboarding, playing guitar, snowboarding and video production. I love being able to fulfill every one of my favorite activities up here.

Currently I am getting my Associate of Arts up here at CMC and later I want to transfer to a four university to continue my education. Being outside and adventurous is what I live for so in this blog I will try to include as much of the steamboat life there is and perhaps maybe a bit of the dorm life as well (not like there is anything exciting about it).

I love to take my camera everywhere I go so stay tuned for some exciting Steamboat action! Anyway, there is my brief introduction and I hope to see some comments in the near future!